Come On, Everyone! Components

Each Come On, Everyone! level consists of a Student Book, Workbook, and Teacher’s Book.
The Student Book additionally contains a reader’s theater storybook, DVD-ROM, and MP3 CD.

  • Student Book

    The Student Book includes a reader's theater storybook, DVD-ROM, and MP3 CD.

    Student Book
    • 6 levels
    • 8 units and 4 review sections
    • Make Your Own Stories and other worksheets
    • Game cards and stickers
    Student Books
    Reader's Theater StoryBook
    • Reader’s theater storybooks provide creative opportunities for class discussion and decision-making as students choose
    •     between two possible endings.
    • Each story includes about 70 percent of the key structures from the student book.
    • Students can increase their language proficiency by performing the stories.
    • Classic tales are used for levels 1 to 4, and Greek and Roman myths are used for levels 5 and 6.
    Student Books
    •  Characters and settings

      ▲ Characters and settings

    • Two possible endings

      ▲ Two possible endings

    DVD-ROM & MP3 CD for Students
    • DVD-ROM: Flashcards / Animations of chants, songs, and stories / Games and activities
    • MP3 CD: Includes reader’s theater storybook
    Main Chracters
    • Nick loves sports. His pet raccoon is Rocky.
    • Amy loves art. Her pet chameleon is Camo.
    • Tim loves computers. His pet cat is Coco.
    • Ming loves nature. Her pet turtle is Speedy.
    • Kevin loves adventures. His pet parrot is Sunny.
    • Rosa loves cooking. Her pet bulldog is Bruno.
  • Workbook

    Students can review what they learned in their student books by completing reading and writing exercises.

    • 6 levels
    • 8 units and 4 review sections in each book
    • Make Your Own Stories and other worksheets included
    • Game cards and stickers included
  • Teacher's book

    The Teacher’s Book is a resource for teaching the Student Book to a class. It includes lesson guides,
    activity ideas, extra worksheets, and tests.

    Teacher's book
    • lesson guides and useful tips
    • fun game and activity ideas that students can easily follow
    • printable unit tests, midterm tests, final tests, and extra worksheets
    Teacher's book
    Teacher's book
    Teacher's book